We are in-network with most major insurance companies. (Not all companies are listed above.)

How Insurance works

You can use insurance for one-on-one session visits. We will bill your insurance company directly.

It is important to understand your insurance benefits, as they are specific to your plan and your diagnosis. The policy holder should call the insurance company directly to get a clear picture of coverage. If you have additional questions, our billing department can assist you with understanding your benefits.

Here are questions to ask your insurance company

Does my policy cover nutrition counseling and/or medical nutrition therapy?

Find out what procedure codes your policy covers, and also what conditions your policy covers. Some policies will cover preventative care at 100%, while others may cover under Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). These differ by company.

Below is a list of procedure codes that we can bill. (These codes are called CPT codes.)

97802 (initial) and 97803 (follow up)

S9470 (typically Blue Cross Blue Shield)

99404 (typically Cigna, in person only)

Here is the code for diagnosis. (These are called ICD-10 Codes.)

F50.9 Eating Disorder, unspecified.

What is my cost? 

Often there is no out-of-pocket cost; however, it is important to know and understand the details of what your policy covers.

Questions to ask your insurance company:

Do I have a copay, deductible, or coinsurance (shared cost)?

If YES, is that for preventative care or Medical Nutrition Therapy? If preventative, what can I be seen for?

How many visits do I have?

You will want to know how many visits are covered, and if there is a limit.

Often with the eating disorder codes, there are exceptions and unlimited visits are granted. If there is a limit, you can ask whether you can apply for an exception and be granted coverage for more visits.

You should also know when your plan renews and your visits start over.

Do I need a referral?

Most plans do not require a referral. But, is is important to ask just in case.

Is my dietitian in-network with my plan?

We are in-network for many plans as a group and/or individual. Ask your insurance whether we are in-network for your specific plan.

Our group NPI is 1508180829 – Anderson’s Nutrition

Our tax ID# is 26-4506413

Things not covered by insurance

Coordinated Care fees (required)
Bi-weekly support groups (optional)
Any starter materials that are needed
Equipment that your dietitian recommends